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Through many precious objects collection combines materials and photos of the religious works of Chen, galleries introduce the achievements of the Republic of Vietnam brilliant tk 13-14 in various fields: Main political, economic, cultural, artistic, religious

Dong Son Culture

Dong Son culture was first discovered in 1924 on the banks of the Ma River Dong Son Commune, Dong Son district (now known as Ham Rong Ward, Thanh Hoa). This is one of the popular culture in the Southeast Asian region.

Oc Eo - Phu Nam

Oc Eo Culture is a popular culture in the nation's history was the French scholar - Louis Malleret first discovered in the 40s of the 20th century in Go Oc Eo, (Vong, Thoai Son, An Giang ). Landmarks on became the name of a great culture in the Mekong Delta.

Vietnam Prehistoric

The original class residents, through the process of survival has created the popular culture, continuous development from the old stone age to the Neolithic, from today about 300000-4000 year.

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Buddhist Cultural Heritage

Buddhism was introduced to Vietnam from very early and was quickly localized. In its development history, Buddhism has left many ethnic cultural heritage and spiritual material has unique value. Block this legacy include space systems, architectural temples and statues sculptures, paintings Buddhist church, horizontal, parallel sentences, worship, musical

Antique lamp Vietnam

According to its evolution, mankind has mastered fire. They already know how to make fire, hold fire, maintain and extinguish the fire, using fire to serve the interests of his life. An important step in controlling and tame fire when the lights were invented.


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